The Stages



The Stages



Once a young woman has been accepted to begin preparation for life as a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, she will spend a period of time, usually about a year, living with a community of FMM sisters to discern together with the community if she has a personal call from Christ and the aptitudes to live the FMM life. 


At the conclusion of the pre-novitiate year, the young woman begins a more intensive period of preparation which lasts at least two years.  During this time she participates in and is educated through the life, prayer and ministry of the community.  It is a time to deepen her personal relationship with Christ, to give a concrete response to the call of God, to discover the spirituality of the Institute, and to prepare herself for consecration by the vows.


Vows of poverty, obedience and chastity are taken for a few years at the end of the novitiate.  Preparation for life as an FMM is deepened through participating fully in the life, prayer and ministry of the community.  At the end of this time of preparation, a young woman makes her final commitment as an FMM. At that time, she receives her first sending from the Superior General who assigns her to a mission which may be to any country in the world where there is an FMM community.

On-going Formation

Every Franciscan Missionary of Mary continues deepening her living of the special path of the Institute throughout her life.  This is done through regular prayer, study and reflection with the sisters of her community.  It is also carried out through spiritual renewal at particular moments during life.


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