• Franciscan Missionaries of Mary choose to share in the life of the people to whom they are sent.  Since the itme of their foundation this entails, at times, being sent to the most distant and even dangerous places of mission.
  • Communication of the Gospel Message is the first aim of the FMM.  They witness to the Gospel by their lives no matter where they are or what they do.
  • When a foundation takes place in a new country, ministries are begun which answer to the needs of the people or the local church.
  • The missionary orientation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is marked by a commitment to justice, peace and integrity of creation.  Ecumenical collaboration and dialogue with all persons sincerely seeking truth and justice characterize their way of mission throughout the world. as they strice to build the Reign of God.

Province Ministries

Following the thrust of its mission statement, the Province encourages and support a variety of ministries, including:

  • Pastoral: parish administration, coordination of religious education, music, retreat and renewal programs
  • Health care: hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living, home care
  • Communication and publication, web page
  • Education: primary, adult, religious, art, ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
  • Mission: ecumenical collaboration, research, education

Listed are a few of the programs offered by the Franciscan MIssionaries of Mary.  Our Programs are designed to spread a little joy and compassion throughout our community.

  • Bethany Renewal Center
  • The Mission Resource Center
  • Justice, Peace and Intergrity of Creation
  • The FMM Assisted Living Residence
  • Fruit Hill Day Services for Elderly
  • Franciscan Hospital for Children
  • Cardinal Hayes Home for Children
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • Art Studio
  • Expressive Arts Studio

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The Expressive Arts Studio began with a dream about a special place that would have an atmosphere for releasing and channeling creative energies.

The Expressive Arts Studio is a fine arts studio which focuses on the creative and healing aspects of art.

It is a quiet place with good light and a vibrant art spirit.

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The Artist - Sr. Frances Falk, fmm

The studio artist and director, Sr. Frances Falk, MFA has an extensive background in fine arts painting and drawing and in working with art as healing.

For further information, please contact:

Expressive Arts Studio
Sr. Frances Falk, fmm
399 Fruit Hill Avenue
N. Providence, RI 02911


The Mission Resource Center was begun in the autumn of 1988 as a missionary, educational and collaborative project.  Its purpose is threefold:

  • to promote mission education and awareness in the local Church
  • to promote on-going mission education among ourselves as FMM
  • to collaborate with other groups, especially ecumenically, in promoting mission education, awareness and research.


The understanding of mission underlying the orientation of the MRC contains the following elements:

  • mission is the central vitality of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian community, directed communicating the Gospel message;
  • mission is local and universal; our FMM presence in a place is especially, although not exclusively, directed toward opening to the universal;
  • mission is a path of dialogue, discernment and collaboration in God's project; we try to live mission in this way, allowing new contacts and situations to question us;
  • mission involves a commitment to justice, to peace and to promoting the care of all creation;
  • mission invloves contributing to the creation of communion among all peoples in view of the Reign of God.


The MRC works in collaboration wtih Bethany Retreat Center and the Communications Office - both programs of the FMM United States Province.  Together we are seeking ways to respond to the new situations in our context of mission.  At present we are trying to discern critical issues and questions for mission in the context of current events and developments.  This provides the basis for the various programs we carry out as FMM and in collaboration with others.

For more information:
399 Fruit Hill Avenue
Phone: (401)353-5800 ext 136
Fax: (401)353-8779
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