• As Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in the United States, we participate in the universal mission of the Church, bringing to it the charism first given to Mary of the Passion.  Ready to go where we are sent, we live our mission among people, many of whom are searching for meaning.
  • Coming from different cultures, we strive in our communities to witness to unity amidst diversity as a sign of communion in a multicultural society.
  • Like Mary, we are women of faith, with a contemplative stance toward life.  Participating in the offering of Christ, we root our mission in the Eucharist.  The bread for our missionary journey is broken and shared as we, aware of our own brokeness, share our lives in mission, especially with those who experience brokenness.
  • The Eucharist challenges us and sends us in a spirit of giving and receiving, and in a spirit of reconciliation.  We journey in hope and joy, following the Franciscan way of minority and simplicity, toward the fullness of God's Reign.