md alma Sr. Alma Dufault, fmm 

Sr. Alma D. Dufault , fmm entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 16, 1946 and made her final profession on March 19, 1952 . She completed studies at Fordham University in Social Work (MSW), and then served as a social worker in Divine Providence and McMahon Shelters in Manhattan, NY., She was sent in mission to Lebanon via Rome.   While awaiting her visa to Lebanon, she spent time in Rome and in France. During this time Alma delved deeply into the history of the FMM Institute and of the Sisters who were the companions of Mary of the Passion. In 1957, at the age of 33, she was sent to the USA as the Directress of Novices . then to Rome as an Assistant General. At the General Chapter of 1972, Alma was elected Superior General.   Upon completing her service as Superior General, Alma served as the first Secretary General of the newly established International Franciscan Conference. She was sent to the US Province 1988. After a renewal program, Alma was a member of a new community in Chamberino, NM. From 1992 to the present she has served as a member of the program for the Mission Resource Center in North Providence.


After her temporary vows, Alma was sent to New York, where she completed her studies in Social Work at Fordham, earning a MSW. She then served as social worker for the FMM administered Divine Providence and McMahon Shelters. On the way to her mission in Lebanon, she worked in the general secretariat. She travelled with M. St. Roch to Lebanon, visiting en route FMM in Egypt and Israel. In Lebanon it was impossible to obtain a resident visa, so Alma was sent to France, where she visited many communities, including Lourdes in the winter of 1956.   While in France Alma had the opportunity to study more deeply the FMM history, and especially the lives of the Sisters who accompanied Mary of the Passion at the time of the foundation of the Institute. She discovered the letters written to Mary of the Passion by M. Jeanne d'Arc, her secretary.

In 1957, much to her surprise, Alma, at the age of 33, was named Novice Directress in the United States. Her new mission with the Novices made her realize how greatly her previous experiences in Rome, the Near East and France had been a time of preparation for this ministry. The General Chapter 1960 elected Alma to be Assistant General. In this capacity she visited many FMM communities throughout the world. Her humble manner and amazing capacity to remember names endeared her to all.

The General Chapter 1972 elected Alma as Superior General of the Institute. With her Councilors, Alma chose to be Sisters to their Sisters everywhere. In a choice to be poor, they did not carry cameras on their journeys, nor did they do tourism. These years after Vatican II were marked by dynamic change and growth which Alma lived in genuine collaboration with her Sisters.

Having completed her service to the Institute as Superior General in 1984 Alma was invited to be the first Secretary General of the newly established International Franciscan Conference in Rome. In 1988 she was sent to the US Province. After a time of renewal, she became part of the new community in Chamberino, NM. From 1992 to the present, Alma is with the Mission Resource Center in North Providence. Her ministry includes initial and ongoing FMM formation, ecumenical collaboration, and formation for members of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). A Franciscan Missionary of Mary to the core, Alma spreads the Good News of God's Love to everyone with boundless energy and enthusiasm, readily appreciating the giftedness in each person.