md T landry 1Sr. Therese C. Landry, fmm 

Born in Woonsocket, Therese Landry acquired much experience in taking responsibility even before entering. She worked as an assistant teacher in a first grade classroom, assisted in the supervision of children at Mt. St. Francis, was active in a Girl Scout troop and later became its leader, was leader of a Legion of Mary group, and was active in both sewing and glee clubs. She toured Canada for a month, having a good command of both English and French.

Sr. Therese entered the Institute in December 12, 1946, and pronounced her final vows at Holy Family Novitiate.

As an FMM, a variety of involvements continued to characterize Sr. Therese' life. In 1949 she was an assistant group mother for 25 very young girls at Divine Providence Shelter for three months, after which she went to McMahon Shelter and served as a group mother for babies from 6 months to 2 years old, remaining there until 1957. Then Sister studied at St. Elizabeth’s School of Nursing in Brighton, Ma. Obtaining her RN, after which she was sent to Roslyn to be operating room staff nurse. She was promoted to operating room assistant and in 1968 became operating room supervisor until May, 1972..

Several years later, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Nursing from St. Louis University. She studied again, obtaining a Master in Business Administration at Adelphi University after which she served as the Executive Director of St. Francis Hospital from. 1977 to 1979.   While at Roslyn, Sister served on the Joint Medical Nursing Practices Committee, Infection Control Committee, and the Blood Bank Committee.


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