Sisters' Profiles

Sr. Caterina Isonni, fmm 

Sr. Caterina Isonni. fmmSr. Caterina Isonni entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 15, 1945 in St. Rosa International Novitiate, Grottaferrata, Italy. She made her first vows on March 19, 1948, and her final vows on March 19, 1951 In Grottaferrata. Italy.

Sent in Mission to the USA Province, her ministry was mostly in child care at Kennedy Memorial Hospital (now known as Franciscan Hospital for Children), Brighton, MA as a group manager of the boys’ unit.


Sr. Rosemary Rita Freda, fmm 


tn Rosemary FredSister Rosemary Rita Freda entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 15, 1962 and pronounced her Final Vows on March 19, 1970 in N. Providence, R.I. Since she was an RN with a Baccalaureate degree prior to her entry, Sister was sent in mission in 1964 to Kennedy Memorial Hospital, now called Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, Ma. She then worked full time as a Visiting Nurse with the Boston VNA while studying and obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Health Nursing.  In 1972, she was sent in mission to Australia where she studied Midwifery and then served as a Nurse Midwife in Papua New Guinea.   Missioned back to the United States in 1976, Sister served as a nurse in the F.M.M. Nursing Facility and as the local coordinator of her community. After completing graduate studies in Theology, she served as a hospital chaplain at hospitals in Fall River and Chicago. She served as a pastoral associate in a parish in San Francisco. Presently, Sister is ministering in Community service and in prayer for the Church and for the world.



Sr. Helen Kalogeras, fmm

tn kalogeras helenwebselectSister Helen Kalogeras, fmm entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary   December 8, 1951. She pronounced her First Vows June 13, 1954 and her Final Vows June 13, 1957. Before she entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, she had completed her nurses training at St. Vincent's hospital in New York City. After completing her novitiate, she was sent to care for Mother Emile Ange at Bell Street for a brief period.   In 1954 she was missioned to Monrovia, West Africa. On the way to her mission she was able to travel to Rome. It was at this time that the Beatification of Sister Assunta took place. She was missioned to the United States in 1973 and continued her nursing ministry. Throughout her missionary life she used her skill as a qualified nurse in missions in the United States and in Africa. Her present ministry in Holy Family Community and the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Fruit Hill, North Providence are community service, receptionist and Reader at Eucharistic celebrations.


Sr. Virginia Falk, fmm

md virginawebselctVirginia Falk, fmm entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary September 18, 1951 at North Providence. She pronounced her first vows March 19, 1954 and her final vows, March 19, 1957. She has served as a teacher for over 30 years in the United States, India and Africa. She has served as a chaplain and music practitioner in various churches and facilities realizing her life-long dream of ministry to the sick and the dying and to serve through the use of music. Virginia continues her music ministry in GA. She serves as liturgical musician for a small mission church in Warm Springs, where she selects the hymns for Sunday Mass and trains cantors. In LaGrange, she works with West Georgia Hospice, using voice and harp to bring therapeutic music to the patients there.


Sister Pauline Baris, fmm

Sr. Pauline Baris, fmmSr. Pauline Baris entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Quebec, on March 8,1951.She pronounced her first vows on September 17, 1953. She attended Ottawa University in 1954, studying Child Care and Guidance. After Sister’s final profession in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1956, she served in the Day Care Center there, doing Group Work and Home Visits for underprivileged children.  Sister Pauline remained at this ministry for a period of fourteen years, until 1968, when she attended a refresher course at Willis Business College in Ottawa.

Then came the great day in 1968 when Sister Pauline’s hopes and dreams to go on the missions were fulfilled and she was sent to Monrovia, Liberia.

Sr. La Verne Hincks, fmm

Sr. John, fmmSr. LaVerne Hincks entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 18, 1945 at North Providence, RI.  Her name in religious life was Mary of St. John Berchmans.  She continues to be known by the name of John.

After pronouncing her first vows on March 19, 1948, she began studies at Emmanuel College in Boston and graduated in 1952 with a B.A. Major in Chemistry.

Sr. John pronounced her final vows on March 19, 1951.  Her ministry until 1953 was community service in St. Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine in Boston.  In 1953, she was sent in mission to Moratuwa, Sri Lanka where she served as a teacher and was also in charge of the maintenance workers until 1969.

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