Sisters' Profiles

Sister Rose Marie Brooks, fmm

tn RosieBrook2Sister Rose Marie Brooks entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in 1985 in Chicago, IL.  She pronounced her final vows October 4, 1992 in Fall River at St. Stanislaus Parish.

Prior to her entry into the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, she graduated from St. Joseph's as an RN and worked for five years in Rhode Island Hospital Surgical Intensive Care Unit, then six more years in Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA.

In 1986, she was sent in mission to St. Francis Hospital where she served as a staff nurse and completed studies earning a B.S. in Nursing from Molloy College. In 1993, she was sent in mission to Bushulo , Ethiopia.


Sr. Frances Falk, fmm

tn FrancisFalkWebSister Frances Falk entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on March 19, 1952 in North Providence , RI. She pronounced her First Vows on March 19,1954 and her Final Vows on March 19, 1957. After First Vows in 1954 at Fruit Hill, Frances was sent to Boston to study at Emmanuel College. Final Vows were received by Cardinal Cushing three years later at St. Clements Shrine in Boston. Her first mission sending was to Espirito Santo School in Fall River, Massachusetts where she taught fourth graders for four years. The fifth year, she attended Boston College full time to earn a master’s degree in religious education. The years following took her overseas to ministry as a teacher and headmistress. For seven and one half years she ministered in the FMM training college and secondary schools in South India and New Delhi. In 1972 she returned to the United States for two years and then was sent to her second overseas mission in Ghana, West Africa to be part of the faculty of the Pastoral Institute there. Her stay in Africa was cut short when four years later ill health brought her back to the USA. After her recovery, she obtained a Masters of Fine Arts degree. Her ministry in Expressive Arts has continued throughout her religious life.


Sr. Frances Milano, fmm

tn Frances MilanowebselectSister Frances Milano, fmm entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Sept. 18, 1951 in North Providence. She pronounced her First Vows  March 19, 1954 and her Final Vows March 19, 1957.   Prior to her entry she had work experience as a receptionist and aide to a veterinarian and 8 1/2 years as clerk/teletype operator and relief manager for The Western Union Telegraph Company. This latter job entailed extensive travel throughout the United States. After she received “God’s Call”, prior to entering at Fruit Hill, Frances went on a Holy Year pilgrimage to several western European countries.

Her first mission sending was to San Francisco where she was bursar, librarian and the supervisor of young women residents. Frances was missioned to Peru and set sail in February 1958. lquitos on the Amazon was the site of her first work in Peru, teaching English.   Later, she was sent to Chile, San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, where she filled a number of positions: English teacher, commissioner, bookstore clerk, and Novice Mistress. Throughout her religious life, Frances has served in various ministries: community and provincial leadership, novice directress, translator, hospital volunteer. Sent in mission to Holy Family Community in North Providence, she serves in community service wherever there is a need.


Sr. Helen Mary Riordan, fmm

tn riordanWebSr. Helen Mary Riordan, fmm, entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 16, 1946 in Holy Family Novitiate North Providence. She made her first vows on March 19, 1949, and her final vows on March 19, 1952 in Holy Family Chapel, North Providence. After completing studies in nursing, she was sent in mission to St. Francis Sanatorium in Roslyn where she cared for children with rheumatic fever. She served by nursing in the Franciscan Hospital for Children, formerly called Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Brighton, Ma., the FMM Nursing Center and Fruit Hill Day Center for Elderly. Later, her ministry was receptionist and doing other community services in St. Francis Convent, Roslyn, NY.   At present, her ministry at Fruit Hill is intercessory prayer for the Church and the world, and occasionally writing to her legislators about matters of concern.


Sr. Margaret Lois Houlihan , fmm

tn HOULIHANSr. Margaret Lois Houlihan entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on March 16, 1947, in the 45th St. New York convent. She made her First Vows on Sept.17, 1949, and Final Vows on Sept. 17, 1952 in North Providence. Throughout her religious life she has had diverse ministries: as a linotype operator in The FMM Printing Press, music director, composer, Montessori teacher in the St Raphael Nursery, Bell St; Certified Nursing Assistant in St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, MA. She was sent in mission to St. Teresa High School in Monrovia, Liberia, and also taught in the university and was the music director. She served in chaplaincy to higher government institutions in Kumasi, Ghana. In the USA, she served as the coordinator for Brooklyn Homeless Program and gave Music-imagery therapy in Francis House for persons suffering with AIDS. She volunteered in a child care facility and at St. Francis Center in Providence, RI. Her current ministry is librarian for the communities at Fruit Hill.


Sr. Rosalie F. McNaughton, fmm

tn Rosalie McSr. Rosalie F. McNaughton entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary on September 16, 1946 and made her final profession on March 19, 1952. She graduated from Emmanuel with a B.A. in chemistry and physics in 1953., She was sent in mission to Divine Providence Community in Manhattan, N.Y. where she studied for her Master's Degree in Social Work at Fordham University, from which she graduated in 1955. She continued to minister at Divine Providence Shelter. In May of 1958, she was missioned to Australia. From 1959 to 1967, Rosalie was stationed in Sydney, Australia, and she worked as a staff member of the Archdiocesan Catholic Family Welfare Bureau. Then she served as superior and social worker in Canberra, Australia's capital city. During her time in Immaculate Heart Province, she was on the Provincial council for four years. Rosalie was missioned to the United States at the end of 1970 to St. Clement's Eucharistic Shrine, where she was appointed local coordinator. Her next mission sending was to McMahon Shelter, NY where she served as the executive director. Wherever Rosalie has been sent, she serves in leadership both at the provincial level and local communities. Her present ministry is Director of FMM Facilities and Properties at Fruit Hill, North Providence and local coordinator of De Chappotin community.


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